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School Board

pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda 06.29.2020 pdfSchool Board Special Meeting Minutes 06.22.2020 pdfSchool Board Regular Board Meeting Minutes 06.22.2020 pdfSchool Board Agenda 06.22.2020 pdfSchool Board Special Minutes 05.21.2020 pdfSpecial School Board Meeting 05.21.2020 pdfRegular School Board Meeting Minutes 05.18.2020 pdfRegular School Board Meeting Agenda 05.18.2020 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes 05.02.2020 pdfSpecial Board Meeting 05022020 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes Superintendent Applicant Interview and Named the Lone Finalist for New Superintendent April 29, 2020 pdfBoard Meeting Minutes Superintendent Applicant Interview April 28, 2020 pdfSchool Board Minutes Public Comments and Superintendent Applicant Interview April 27, 2020 pdfSchool Board Minutes Table 2020/2021 School Calendar 04/27/2020 pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda 4/27/20, 4/28/2020 & 4/29/2020 pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda 04/24/2020 & 04/25/2020 pdfRegular School Board Minutes 04.20.2020 pdfRegular Board Meeting Agenda 042020 pdf pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agendas 03/02/20,03/03/2020,03/04/2020,03/10/2020 pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda 022520 pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda 022420 pdfRegular Board Meeting Minutes 01/09/2020 & 01/20/2020 pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda 01/09/2020 and 01/20/2020 pdfRegular Board Meeting Minutes 12162019 pdf pdf pdfRegular Board Meeting Agenda 12162019 pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda.12062019 pdfRegular Board Meeting Minutes 11.18.19, 11.20.19, 12.2.19, 12.6.19 pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda.12022019 pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda.11202019 pdfRegular Board Meeting Agenda.11182019 pdfSpecial Board Meeting Minutes.11062019 pdfSpecial Board Meeting Agenda.11062019 pdfRegular Board Meeting Minutes.10212019 pdfRegular Board Meeting Agenda.10212019 pdfRegular Board Meeting Minutes.9162019 pdfRegular Board Meeting Agenda.9162019 pdfRegular Board Meeting Minutes.8192019 pdfRegular Board Meeting Agenda.8192019 pdfPublic Hearing for 2019-2020 Tax Rate.8192019 pdfPulbic Hearing for 2019-2020 Budget.8192019 pdfTax Meeting Notice