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Natalie Sibole

Welcome Back to Our Kindergarten and Pre-K Classroom and

Happy New Year!!!

All of us continue being very busy learning! As we look forward to the upcoming new year 2021, we want to take a look back as we finished up the past year in December. We hope you enjoy some more snapshots of our day that we would like to share especially with you. Happy New Year to each one of you!

Please continue to visit our page often and watch as we continue learning and growing, daily. ~ A picture is worth a 1,000 words! Thank you again for visiting our page today!

Natalie Sibole

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New for January 2021~

                   Happy New Year!


From our Pre-K Section:





Online Learning:


Along with learning at school, online learning sites can provide a bridge to continued learning in the home. These resources are for all online/virtual learners and students at home during times of response to Covid health and safety measures as well. These sites are both educational and provide additional learning reinforcement through highly engaging and interactive activities. Check them out when you have time! Thank you, always, for everything you are doing at home to encourage and promote continued learning for your child and all of our children.

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