6th - Rex Cook


To ensure maximum success, all students are expected to:

 Always put forth their best efforts.

 Take responsibility for their actions.

 Be honest and cooperative.

 Help those in need.

 Maintain a positive attitude. 


  • No question or answer is stupid.
  • We can learn from our own and each other's mistakes.
  • Everyone has the right to learn.

    As 6th graders prepare to transition into Junior High,
    it is important to learn to organize, pace,
    and be responsible for completing assignments
    on time and with quality effort.

    · All assignments should be completed with quality work & turned in on time to receive full credit.

    · Work is considered late if not turned in at the beginning of the school day that it is due.


  • Purpose: Homework is assigned Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s to reinforce and provide practice for concepts and skills taught in school, or as studying or reviewing material for a test or quiz.

  • Amount: The amount of homework will vary according to how students use their in-class time.   If your child is spending way too much time on homework, or is having difficulty with a particular assignment, please contact Ms. Lowery ASAP

  • Grading Homework: Ms. Lowery reserves the right to check and / or grade any homework, but is not required to do so (seeing that homework is often practice!) When graded, we will use the homework and classwork scale, using the checkmark, plus, and minus system.  Homework will count as a small percent of the final grade in each subject area

Late Work Policy

  • If a student does not have his/her work at the time it is collected, the assignment will be considered late and the student will need to complete a missing assignment sheet.

  • Missing assignment sheets allow student to complete the missing work within 2 days or student will receive a zero. Missing assignments turned in the following day will receive an 80% and the second day a 70%. On the 3rd day a zero will be recorded and the student will have until the end of the six weeks to make up the work with a maximum grade of a 60.

  • Students will have a missing assignment [page that parents will be required to initial the first night the student does not turn in work. Ms. Lowery will call the parent the second night to give the parents an opportunity to assure the student completes missing work and receive a 70.

Make-Up Work

  • Make-up work is the sole responsibility of the student as per the BISD policy guidelines.

  • Students may collect their work the day they return.

  • Students have one day per absence day to complete missed work.

  • If a student does not complete make-up work during the time allotted, the late work policy goes into effect.

ReDo Policy

If student makes a 69 or below or an assignment then the student will have 1 day to make corrections or complete the assignment in the manner Ms. Lowery directs the assignment to be completed. If the assignment is corrected or rewritten to the satisfaction of Ms. Lowery then the grade will be changed to a 70%. Anything beyond 1 day the parent will need to contact Ms. Lowery for approval.

Each student has a homework folder that the parent is required to sign Monday through Thursday, whether there is homework or not since reading is assigned every night. Each day the homework will be posted on the 6th grade page on the Buckholts website. Parents can check out what their child is to be doing by going to the Homework Page.

Failing Grades  

Parents will still receive a phone call or email per BISD policy if the student receives a failing grade. Each Friday a document will be sent home with the student’s assignments and grades along with their average. This will allow the parents to keep up with their students’ progress on a weekly basis.